Murat Erdemsel - Istanbul/Washington, DC

Murat is gifted with an insightful, thorough and analytical understanding of the dance.  With a background in fine arts and music, he is fortified with knowledge and experience which he brings to the dance to help his students reach their potential. He travels globally on a regular basis and with his holistic approach and clear teaching methods, he increasingly cultivates a large and enthusiastic number of students all over the world.

As a dancer, Murat focuses on the origin of movement coming from an agreement in the embrace and has created his own unique style of dance which is characterized by musicality, playfulness, a balanced partnership and an awareness of social etiquette.

Raised as a son of two teachers, Murat is a natural lecturer and is renowned for his superior lectures which are informative, interesting and entertaining making learning a most enjoyable experience.  The ‘Five Aspects and Self Regulation’ is a system he has created for dancers who are capable of self regulating their learning experience. These aspects are the support columns of a bridge of information in the overall ability to learn the dance.

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Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh

Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh started tango in Toulouse (France) in 1998 after many years of ballet and contemporary dance. In her further development as a teacher and dancer she was above all influenced by Hernán Obispo, Christophe Lambert, and Moira Castellano. In 2004, she went to Buenos Aires for one year in order to pursue formal training and started travelling the world as a dancer and teacher accompanied by different partners in 2006. Over the years she has tried out different techniques and styles.

Sigrid is world renowned for her excellent technique as a teacher and skill as a dancer. Teaching technique has become one of her specialties and she is highly regarded for her pedagogy and her view on the corporal movement. Very often she is invited as a solo artist to give seminars for women.

Coming from ballet and modern dance, Sigrid analyses and dissects each movement in order to understand all of its subtleties. In her classes, she focuses on the development of a conscience for body movement and the connection to the partner. She goes straight to the point and shares willingly her own experiences in a truly efficient way. She urges her students to take an active part in the dance.

Liz Young - Musician, Brisbane

If not playing violin, Liz is usually dancing tango or climbing mountains. She trained classically at the University of Queensland. Socially she trained under the locals on Queen St Mall whilst busking and was amazed to discover a whole new world of music possibilities and ways to entertain. She performs regularly with the rock orchestra Deep Blue which has taken her on many a fun trip interstate and overseas. Her tango violin journey has led her to perform with Sydney's Tángalo to form a 9 piece tango band and to the quiet beaches of Bonny Hills intimately serenading dancers as they waltzed between the waves. She has recently joined forces with the Brisbane tango quartet Mendoza playing at the Bundanoon BASH festival and in Brisbane alongside Japan's Bandoneonist Hitoshi Kumamoto. Liz loves to play from the heart to the heart and so what better way to do that than tango? After takes 2 does it not?

DJs in order of appearance:

DJ  & Tango Music Historian Stephan Resch - New Zealand

Stephan Resch is a tango dancer and DJ from Auckland, NZ. He began his tango journey in 2006 and after several visits to BsAs discovered his passion for DJing and the history of tango music. During regular visits to European festivals and Marathons he finds inspiration for developing his musical style. Stephan has been invited as a DJ and presenter to Milongas and Festivals in Berlin, Moscow, Stuttgart, Nelson, Wellington and Sydney.

DJ Huy Q Nguyen- Hong Kong

A professional hobbyist DJ, dancer and musician, HuyQ started dancing and DJing because of his love of tango music. His DJ is often described as being romantic and passionate. HuyQ's music is primarily Golden Age, with a little of either far ends of the era thrown in, and sometimes a not so often played orquesta to surprise dancers.  HuyQ DJs at milongas and some festivals while he travels for work throughout Asia Pacific, and some milongas in Europe.

DJ Mohamed Ibrahim (Mo) - Sydney

Mo started his tango Djing journey in 2012.  He soon gained a large fan base and has become a favourite by many dancers all over Australia.  Mo has been a popular DJ in many local, interstate and a few international events, most recently: Tango in The Spring, Pablito’s and Byron Bay tango festival. He believes there is more to a DJ than just playing music to a crowd of enthusiastic dancers. It is about reading the dancers, connecting with them and directing their emotional energy. Mo is enthusiastic about Golden Age music yet he occasionally plays tracks from 50s or later. His approach is based on keeping the flow of energy on the floor going by playing the right tanda at the right time.

DJ Alex Nodelman - Sydney

Alex has collected and studied tango music extensively for several years. It was never his intention to become a DJ however, as a keen tango dancer, he noticed a lot of great music that he loved was missing at milongas. Eventually some of his fellow dancers and friends encouraged him to DJ. He is now requested at major Sydney milongas and events in Australia and we are excited to have Alex as part of our DJ team in 2018.

DJ Paul Wagner (Pavel) - Germany

Pavel started his DJ career in 2008 at the local milonga in Düsseldorf, (Germany). Since 2005 Pavel has been DJing at Tango Synergy milongas, Milonga La Belle Epoque and Pablito’s milonga in Sydney. Pavel loves dancing and DJing outdoors. He was the major initiator and co-founder of the famous Synergy Outdoor Milonga in Sydney Darling Harbour. Since he moved to Germany, he continues DJing in Europe. "As a DJ it's my responsibility to play music to which dancer can connect". Pavel loves all sorts of music including nuevo and alternative tango. In recent years Golden Age tango has become his passion.