Mohammed Ibrahim – DJ Mo, Sydney

Mo started his tango music journey in 2012 playing regularly in local milongas and gaining recognition in Sydney and interstate. His approach is based on keeping the energy on the floor going by playing the right tanda at the right time.

Eva Schmidt - Germany

Eva is a tango dancer and DJ from Germany who started DJing in 2016. She is a resident DJ in Tango8, Cologne (Germany) and has been guest DJ to various events in Germany and Australia. Eva regularly travels to European marathons and encuentros. She loves how those events inspire both her dancing and DJing, and she is passionate about passing on this vibe to all dancers on the floor.

Stephan Resch - DJ & Tango Music Historian, New Zealand

Stephan Resch is a tango dancer and DJ from Auckland, NZ. He began his tango journey in 2006 and after several visits to BsAs discovered his passion for DJing and the history of tango music. During regular visits to European festivals and Marathons he finds inspiration for developing his musical style. Stephan has been invited as a DJ and presenter to Milongas and Festivals in Berlin, Moscow, Stuttgart, Nelson, Wellington and Sydney.

DJ Alex - Sydney

DJ Alex’s creative and professional approach allows him to intuitively select the best music dynamically at the right moment. This enables him to optimally vary the energy and mood in a way that engages the dancers and keeps them on the floor. He manages to achieve the highest possible sound quality and his depth of music allows him to inject something unique and memorable every time making him a great asset to any tango event. He is in high demand at all major festivals across Australia and NZ

Liz Young - Violinist, Brisbane

Liz plays the violin. She plays on mountains, beaches, glaciers..and even stilts. When not teaching violin or gallivanting the world she loves to hang out with her six nieces and nephews in Narnia and on Pluto. She also loves playing with her tango Band Mendoza, rocking out with her bush band The Smashing Bumpkins and dancing around with her rock orchestra Deep Blue. When in comes to performing solo Liz is keen on playing your favourite tunes. So.. request away!! 

Michael Adam-Smith - Feldenkrais workshop

Michael has been running our Feldendrais workshops for the past four years and we are pleased to have him with us again in 2019. The focus will be: Flexible Floor Feeling Feet! A class to renew your friendship with your best Tango Friends.  "We will 'walk' through ways to get in touch - Awareness Through Movement - a class in The Feldenkrais Method.”  One hour of Abrazos for your Appendages with Michael Adam-Smith ! PLUS simple exercises to enhance ‘dissociation'.

Stefanie Glasenapp - Yoga workshop

Next year we welcome Steph Glasenapp who will volunteer her time to run the yoga workshops at our 2020 festival. Born in Germany and living in Sydney, Steph has been a movement and yoga teacher for the past 13 years. She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Kids- and AcroYoga. As usual, our yoga workshops will be ‘al fresco’ and held on the grass area between the venue and the beach on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Steph says: “I truly believe, that with the right approach, yoga can be for everyone. In my classes, I strive to create a loving and safe environment with a healthy balance between workout, fun, discovery and relaxation. We will focus on balancing those areas in the body tight from dancing through the night and bring a sense of playfulness and ease to the mind” We look forward to have Steph join our team at the 2020 Port Macquarie Tango Festival.